The Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beach County created questions to educate our membership and the community about the candidates and their perspectives. Below are the questions and the candidates that replied. Please click on their name to read their responses.

Jobs: The Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beach County believes high wage job creation is one of the most important factors when it comes to solving our community’s most pressing concerns, such as poverty and crime. According to the Florida Scorecard, 1,232 net new jobs are needed by 2030. Please provide an example of policies you have supported in the past or plan to in the future to advance job growth in this market and what will you do in the future to grow jobs?

Talent: Right now, in our community, there are more jobs than job seekers. What steps are you prepared to take to help fill our existing jobs with qualified employees?

Business Climate: One of our strategic goals as a Chamber is creating a welcoming climate for business and private investment in our community. Is this a priority of yours? What policies have you supported in the past or would you recommend in the future to improve our community’s business climate?

Affordable Housing: With inflation, rent prices have skyrocketed and affordable housing needs have increased for Floridians. What are your thoughts on the housing crisis? In your elected role how will you face housing challenges?

Taxes: Do you foresee any circumstance where you raise taxes during your term in office if elected? If your elected seat does not pass tax policy, what is your general philosophy when it comes to taxation?

Collaboration: The Women’s Chamber of Commerce believes that collaboration is critical when it comes to solving the County’s most pressing concerns. Provide an example in your career of partnering with other organizations to achieve positive results for our community?

Women in the Workforce: The Women’s Chamber of Commerce knows women in the workforce face a unique set of challenges daily and that equity in the workplace is a critical aspect of success. Please describe a policy that has impacted equity in the workplace, locally.

Workplace Culture: We often talk about the “glass ceiling” that prevents women from reaching senior leadership positions. In reality, the biggest obstacle that women face is much earlier in the pipeline, at the first step up to manager. Fixing this “broken rung” is the key to achieving parity. What policies have you supported in the past or would you recommend in the future to improve in workplace culture?

Our Community: Overall, do you think our community is heading in the right direction, at a standstill, or in the wrong direction? What are the major factors to support your ranking?

Anything else they would like to add

Aimee Kelley – Boynton Beach, District 4
Angela Burns – Delray Beach, Seat 4
Angie Gray – Delray Beach, Seat 4
Barbara King – South Bay, Seat 3
Brad Doyle – Hypoluxo Voting Precinct 3401, 3402
Christopher Castle – Town of Lantana, Group 4
Joni S. Brinkman – Village of Palm Springs, District 4
Judith Thomas – Lake Park
Mack McCray – District II City of Boynton Beach
Paul Shalhoub – Town of Lake Clarke Shores, Group 2
Peter Kosovsky – Highland Beach
Rob Long – Delray Beach, Seat 2
Robert Mitchell – City of Belle Glade, Seat B