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Scholarship Applications Now Being Accepted

As part of our Mission to promote opportunities for professional growth and development, the Women’s Chamber Foundation offers Scholarship Awards annually to deserving women and girls who want to optimize their lives through higher education. The Women’s Chamber...

Women’s Chamber of Commerce is Not Your Mother’s Chamber

WOMEN’S CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IS NOT YOUR MOTHER’S CHAMBER New: Season, Board, Events, Logo, and the First Ever Male Board Member West Palm Beach, FL, August 23, 2018 – The Women’s Chamber of Commerce began their new year fiscal year with a statement, “This isn’t your...


Women in business is our business. Our network, training, and resources have empowered professional women since 1994. Join our chamber of dynamic professionals today – the only chamber of commerce in Palm Beach County exclusively committed to women in business.


Florida ranks 4th in the number of women-owned businesses nationally. Since 1997 women-owned firms in Florida have grown nearly 75 percent. Need business services or consumer goods? Check our directory of Palm Beach County businesses.

New Members

Welcome! Please join us for our new member breakfast where you’ll meet our board and learn how to navigate the member portal, create a business narrative for your profile, register for events, and how to serve on committees or on the board of directors.

Scholarship Program

The Women’s Chamber Foundation awarded a record number of scholarships in 2018. Every year the Foundation raises funds to support scholarships for deserving women and girls who aspire to achieve economic success through higher education.

New Member Spotlight

Karen Kramser, MS, RD, LDN, is a Palm Beach based dietitian/nutrition expert, college professor and professional model. She is the founder of Know How 2 Nourish, a comprehensive nutrition consulting practice focusing on anti-aging through integrative and functional nutrition. Karen is passionate about sharing the cornerstones of healthy eating and lifestyle choices to create total body health and wellness for her clients.

Many years of working in the demanding world of modeling inspired Karen’s passion for health and nutrition. The foundation of health and wellness is knowing how to nourish. Utilizing a unique approach, combining nutrition with functional foods, Karen gives her clients a new lease on life, better health, and a stronger immune system along with renewed energy and vitality. It is Karen’s mission in life to share her knowledge and experience in the world of nutrition so that everyone can look and feel vibrant, energized and healthy!

In addition to working with individual clients, Karen conducts group nutrition sessions, corporate wellness events and is available as a Keynote speaker for special engagements.

Karen has three children, seven grandchildren, two feisty chihuahuas named Mia and Sage and lives with her husband of 32 years in West Palm Beach.

Professional Organizations Karen belongs to: The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, South Florida Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine, Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beach County.


Karen Kramser

Know How 2 Nourish

Lila Ristevska, B. App. Sc. Human Movement and Associate Diploma of Applied Science in Fitness Leadership, is the creator of the OzzyBall Training System. Lila is an NSCA – CPT and FII Certified Personal Trainer. This makes Lila a specialist in the foundations of exercise, a fitness testing specialist, a strength and conditioning specialist, a nutrition and weight management specialist, an injury rehab specialist and a functional training specialist. During her studies Lila was the national Australian wrestling champion and maintained that title to remain undefeated for fifteen consecutive years from 1991 to 2005.

Coach Lil specializes and excels in individualized, bespoke, personal training programs for each client and also makes in home training calls. Lila has clear goals for her clients. Her motto is: “Be fit, be healthy, be happy, be in harmony with your world.” Throughout the years Lila has fully understood what science has now confirmed: Any and all efforts of improving your life are best served by first moving your body and connecting to your body. High quality training has immediate effects on your mind and body. Improving your fitness activates your metabolism and your hormones. It improves your mood, your appetite, your sleep, your digestion and most other systems in your body. Besides improving your looks, your well being, your self efficacy and your outlook on life it even activates the growth of new nerve cells in the brain.

Coach Lil operates her company in Palm Beach and the local area since 2005. In her 25 year career as a personal trainer, Lila has added an impressive list of victories and certifications to her encompassing education and experience: “Coach Lil” is now a Yoga & Meditation teacher, acquired a Gyrokinesis certificate, became a certified USA wrestling coach and an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator.

Lil trained at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado and competed for Australia in Olympic qualifying events in 2004 and for Macedonia in Olympic qualifying events in 2008. She competed in World wrestling Championships for fifteen years from 1991 to 2005, escalated to fifth in the world in 1995, won three gold medals in the Commonwealth Wrestling Championships and three gold medals in the Oceania Wrestling Championships. She won further Gold medals in the Canada Cup and the Michigan International Open as well as numerous silver and bronze medals. Outside of her main sport Lila was the silver medalist  in the Australian Judo Championships in 1993 and Bronze medalist in 1994.

Her personal workouts include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, weight training, OzzyBall, Yoga, running and meditation. Lila is a member of the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce, National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), the Fitness Institute International (FII), and The Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beach County.

Lila Ristevska

Ozzy Ball

Thank You for Renewing

Following the devastating hurricane of 1928, community leaders recognized the need for a unified effort to respond to human needs. Therefore, in 1929, several federated organizations were formed in Palm Beach County.

Since that time, the original organizations have undergone many changes in title and structure. At one time, four separate United Way organizations existed in Palm Beach County. In 1987, United Way of Delray Beach and United Way of Greater Boca Raton joined to form United Way of South Palm Beach County. This was followed by the staff consolidation of United Way of Palm Beach County and United Way of South Palm Beach County in 1990. The merger of these organizations was completed in July 1992, forming what is now known as United Way of Palm Beach County, Inc.

Today, United Way of Palm Beach County, Inc. serves all of Palm Beach County except for the island of Palm Beach, which is served by Town of Palm Beach United Way.

Lindsey White

United Way of Palm Beach County

The Zoological Society of the Palm Beaches, Inc. (Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society) exists to inspire people to act on behalf of wildlife and the natural world.

We advance our conservation mission through endangered species propagation, education and support of conservation initiatives in the field.

Our commitment to sustainable business practices elevates our capacity to inspire others.

Laurie Zelnia

Catering and Sales Manager, Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society